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You may have a website that you have had built, but you aren’t seeing much traffic.  You want to attract organic visitors to the website but you haven’t yet built any backlinks or produced any authoritative content.

What Should You Do?

1 – Claim your Google My Business listing, this will ensure that your business appears more preferably on Google as well as providing your contact details to potential clients and customer.

2 – Get some amazing photos of your business; get photos of your staff, your products, your services, your food and upload them to your Google My Business listing.  Google loves content as do your potential customers.  Photos help humanise your business and are a positive approach to reaching new customers.

3 – Make sure you have a contact page on your website.  Make sure you include the business address too.  Does your business have multiple locations?  Create a contact page for each location.  Make sure you include a Google Map showing the location of your business.  Ensure you include your main address in the footer of your website, you don’t want people to have to hunt around your website to find you!

Include a local phone number on your website and make sure that a visitor can click on your number and it dials automatically on a mobile device.

Include testimonials from your customers.  Happy customers and clients will be happy to provide a brief testimonial explaining why you are great at what you do!  This will help you stand out and ensure potential customers know you offer great products and service.

4 – Claim local business profiles.  People typically use other websites to get more information about businesses.  Bing, Yell, Yelp and Facebook are a great start. 

5 – Creating quality content is essential.  No one knows your business, products and services better than you.  Write about what you offer, create articles talking about your products and services.  Keep the articles regular and on topic and ensure you use keywords that relate to the products and services you are writing about.

6 – Create video content, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.  People are more likely to retain the information they’ve seen in a video.  Producing quality and informative video is likely to increase rankings. 

7 –Longtail keywords are much easier to rank for, especially in a local environment.  Most of the big brands will have the high-ranking keywords sewn up.  So, for example, by searching for ‘restaurant’  there’s likely to be much higher competition than if you were to search ‘vegetarian restaurant in Burton On Trent’ or ‘steak restaurant in Burton On Trent’.  The conversion rate of longtail keywords is much higher due to the targeted approach.

As you can see there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your website in Burton On Trent can improve rankings and increase traffic.

If you need any support or advice or feel that you might require additional services to improve your visibility then please contact us and we’ll arrange an audit so we can identify any problems and provide bespoke insights into your competition and how to target your products and services more effectively.

By going through this article, hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of how to rank locally.

If you’re not sure on how well your website appears to search engines you can check out our free website audit tool by following this link.

Don’t forget, you’re not on your own.  If you need any help or support with your Local SEO  or PPC campaigns you can reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to help.


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