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The SEO Checklist

We all know that SEO is vital for small and startup businesses, but where do you start?  This SEO checklist will help you identify whether you are doing all you can do to ensure great results through search engines.     

If you’re not sure on how well your website appears to search engines you can check out our free website audit tool by following this link.

  1. Ensure that your Google My Business Listing is Optimised

One of the easiest mistakes to make is overlooking the value of a verified Google My Business Listing.  It’s a half-hour job that will encourage much more site traffic as well as more phone calls and store visits.

  1. Are you utilising Social Media?

Social media is an amazing and free tool and is proven to provide results.  Social media is also a great way to generate free backlinks and traffic to your website as well as humanising your brank.  Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a great place to start.

  1. Are you reaching out for reviews?

When you make a major purchase, you look for reviews, right?  Are you reaching out for reviews from your customers?  Prospective customers are likely to be researching your product and service in your local area – do you have any reviews from your satisfied customers for potential customers to see?  Google Reviews are the perfect place to start

  1. Are your URLs SEO-Friendly?

Do your URLs make sense, or do your URLs look like this – www.yourwebsite.com/1357/864/more_info?  Does your URL tell customers, or more importantly search engines what the page is about?  If the URL isn’t clean then you’re unlikely to receive great traffic.  Poorly written URLs are also likely to be marked by Google as a ‘spammy link’ which may lead to a penalty.

  1. Are your Titles and Descriptions optimised?

Are your pages titles well written and descriptive?  Are your meta descriptions optimised to tell a customer (and Google) exactly what they’re likely to find on a specific page?  Ensuring clean and unique titles and descriptions will certainly help you reap the rewards!

  1. Are you getting backlinks?

Backlinks are incredibly important for any SEO strategy.  When a search engine is deciding where to rank and display a specific page, one of the key elements is to check backlinks.  The higher the amount of relevant and quality inbound links, the higher you will rank!  More backlinks lead to a higher volume of referral traffic.

  1. Do you link out to other websites?

By linking out to other relevant websites, blogs and pages will provide your website with higher authority.  By increasing your authority, you will, in turn, increase your credibility, especially when you link out to high quality and respectful websites within your industry.   

  1. Do you link internally to your own pages?

Do you link internally to your own pages?  Internal links will improve user experience and a much better customer journey.  Is all the content on your website easy to find, or do customers have to dig around to find what they’re looking for?  Improving your internal links will make your website appear better to search engines and you’re likely to rank higher.

  1. Are you using schemas?

Structured data mark-up, whilst sounds technical and scary will improve your SEO efforts for local businesses.  Once completed, answer boxes, carousels, and other rich snippets that can be generated helping you rank higher for Local listings.

  1. Are you using Google Maps?

Do you have a Google Map on your website?  By including a Google Map of your businesses location on your website will re-enforce to search engines that you are a local business with a physical location.

  1. NAP? Name, Address, Phone Number?

This might sound like a daft question, but in today’s modern age, many businesses don’t think about their Name, Address and Phone Number.  Within local searches, people are looking for these details.  The ability to dial your business number directly from a customer’s mobile phone will certainly increase the user experience.

  1. Are your pages optimised for your keywords?

As a local business, keywords are very important.  You need to carefully select the keywords you want to rank for in relevant searches.  Be careful not to stuff keywords into content and make sure they’re relevant.  Carefully writing content and weaving keywords throughout should do nicely.

  1. Are you Mobile optimised?

Finally, is your website mobile optimised?  It’s likely that your website will appear on a mobile device, but is it actually mobile optimised?  Sites that aren’t mobile optimised are penalised by search engines and you’re likely to rank much lower on mobile searches – not great when you’re a local business relying on local searches!


By going through this SEO checklist, you’ll be able to identify what you do well and what you need to improve on.  If you’re not sure on how well your website appears to search engines you can check out our free website audit tool by following this link.

Don’t forget, you’re not on your own.  If you need any help or support with your Local SEO you can reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to help.


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