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Social Media is the bridge between your company and its customers. It is a great way to communicate with your existing audience and clients, and also expand your businesses brand awareness to potential prospects. Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly!



New Customers

We will create a strategy to identify your target audience and research relevant keywords and hashtags.

Generate Leads

We will generate leads by optimising your profile and creating call-to-actions. Creating clickable content and lead-ads will also help in increasing your warm leads.


We will ensure that you are engaging with relevant audiences. Social conversations relevant to your business will increase your businesses authority.


Our social media campaigns will be deisgned to increase relevant traffic to your company via a website or call to action!

Humanise Your Brand

We will help you steer clear of robotic marketing techniques, we'll ensure that your message is relatable and relevant. We'll help you build relationships and maintain a consistent human voice.

Multiple Platforms

We will help in creating multiple social platforms when required. Some platforms are more suitable to some industries than others.

Pricing and Packages


£ 125 Monthly
  • 3 Posts Per Week
  • 2 Social Channels
  • Access to Stock Photos


£ 295 Monthly
  • 5 Posts Per Week
  • Curated Content
  • Dedicated Accounts Manager

*Includes all of package 1


Weekdays & Weekends
£ 495 Monthly
  • 7 Posts per Week
  • 3 Social Channels
  • Progress Reports

*Includes all of package 2


Weekdays & Weekends
£ 695 Monthly
  • Growth & Development plan
  • 4 Social Channels
  • Active Community

*Includes all of package 3

New Package example post

Content examples

The NEW package offers you custom posts scheduled on 3 weekdays. Images used on the posts will have a watermark to protect the ownership. Photos can be provided by you or we can source relevant stock photos to use. 

The BOLD package offers a more creative outlook on posts. Images will be edited with relevant logos, colour and fonts as well as text or graphics to make them more engaging!

We will always seek your approval before posting any content on your behalf. 

Bold Package example post

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Review & Analysis

Completing a social media audit will allow you to determine what is working for you.  Completing an audit will allow you to uncover the gaps.  Are your socials generating leads?  How do you compare to your competitors?  All these questions will be answered, giving us a sound starting block to start developing your social media presence and encouraging leads.


A strong social media strategy will help build a solid organic presence.  Planning content in advance and scheduling posts will ensure consistency.  Your marketing strategy will guide your actions and will help determine whether a campaign has been a success or not.  What do you want your social media presence to achieve is a great starting point!

Content Plan

What are you going to post and when?  Planning your content is imperative to a successful campaign, setting up a calendar allows you to organise and plan your content.  Ensuring that you post regularly ensures consistency.  The content that you publish needs to add value – so make sure it’s written well and you check for mistakes before you post!  Look back and see what has worked well in the past and improve it, it guaranteed to keep people engaged.


Social media isn’t just about likes and followers, it’s about creating a multi-channel customer experience across multiple channels.  Engagement provides social proof of your business and done correctly will enhance your brand awareness.  Ensuring people are paying attention and interacting with your brand is key to success


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