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Web design can sometimes be ignored and disregarded in a companies race to sales. Web design isn’t just about the pretty pictures and bright colours. User experience and how the website functions play a vital role in web design. 

Website Design

When a customer comes to your website, they may be seeing your company for the first time. What they see on the screen is their first impression of your business. At Nub Creative we treat every aspect of your website the same, consistency is key. Customers need to feel like they are in your company care on any page they may come to. If your company lacks the branding and consistency of colours customers may think they are in the wrong place when in fact they are in the right place. Making sure they feel welcome is vital to the user experience and website design.

From the home page to the checkout, the process needs to be easy and simple to use. Don’t Make it laborious for customers to buy your products/ service. If the process of buying is too long or difficult, customers will just give up. Make it easy, give them no reason to click off the page. Nub Creative specialises in creating the best user experience for customers and clients so that you can give the best service. 

Website Design

Design is key to the success of a website, it plays as much a role as SEO. The websites design has to be attractive and engaging to the customer. See what the designers at Nub Creative can do for your business here. View Portfolio.


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