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Retargeting Ads

Studies show that most users (96%) that reach your website for the first time will not convert into customers. Repeated exposure to your brand will make them feel more comfortable to buy from you and will increase your conversion rate. But how you can achieve this? It’s simple, you have to use retargeting ads, this will make users who come from your website more prone to converting. They will first access your website and view products/services, then they will be further exposed to your brand with the help of retargeting.

The Rule of 7.

The rule of 7 is a marketing adage which states that prospective customers need to see or hear your marketing message 7 times before they take action and buy from you. Most people won’t buy the first time they come across and offer – therefore you need to develop tactics including the Rule of 7 to continue displaying the offer to them until they buy.  You can find out more about the Rule of 7 here.

There is also some great information on leveraging The Rule of 7 here

How Does Retargeting Work?

Let’s see exactly how retargeting works. It’s a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users that already visited that website. This will help the brand stick into the mind of the visitor and will make them come back for more. Retargeting can dramatically increase the conversion rate and ROI. It’s a powerful marketing technique that allows you to stay connected with your audience after they leave your site. It will increase your brand’s exposure and will help you build trust, a crucial characteristic that will make users more likely to buy from you.

Higher CTR

It’s important to know that retargeting ads have a higher click-through rate and conversion rate than typical ads. Researchers have shown that previous visitors to the website will click your ads at 3x the rate of new users.

When you will decide to use retargeting ads you will see better conversion rates. Also, retargeting ads are more cost-efficient.

In The Real World

In a fast world society, everyone is busy and preoccupied with other things in their life. Retargeting ads will display a gentle reminder to complete what they started on your website while exposing them again to your brand, services and products. Retargeting this will also help you with brand building.

PPC it’s a great way to reach people that are searching for the exact products/services you provide. But often, they leave your website without purchasing anything. And you must find ways to bring them back on your website. Potentially, you already paid for that visitor so you must focus on making them convert. Retargeting helps you doing so. It will focus on bringing them back on your website to convert. It will bring back visitors from different parts of the sales funnel. Maybe the customer leaves your website at the checkout stage, the intent to purchase has been made and it’s tough to lose clients at this stage. Retargeting will remind them of the product/service and increase the chances of bringing them back to close the deal.


The main benefits of using retargeting ads are:
• It promotes your brand,
• It increases the conversion rates,
• It’s cost-effective and maximizes the customer lifetime value,
• Keeps your brand in your visitor’s mind, extending the amount of time a potential customer will remember your business.

Retargeting is a great marketing tool, very popular with marketing specialists, that will assure your business growth and your brand building process. This should definitely be a part of your marketing strategy, being an effective way to increase sales.  For more help and support, you can contact Nub Creative or check out other PPC services.


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